Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June Reading Wrap-Up

Ahhh, you can easily tell that it's summer - our group of readers was much smaller than usual this meeting.

It couldn't have been the book that chased people off, because of the five who attended to discuss Middlesex, (by Jeffrey Eugenides), everyone found things about the novel to like. Some of us were more impressed with the opening historical content of the story, and some of us enjoyed the personal story of the narrator during the second part of the book. But, overall, the book was well received.

Our planned leader for the evening, Mary, was absent due to illness. But pages of questions were found for discussion, and we were kept engaged for the total time allowed us at the library. In fact, the librarian was knocking on the door with reminders of the earlier closing time to be sure we knew to leave.

The questions covered the gamut of material within the book - while applying them to the reading we found ourselves making insightful discoveries about the themes within the story. Central to everything was the concept of searching for identity, whether it be historically, culturally, environmentally, or biologically. Several people commented on the best part of all, that so much could be said while writing with such an enjoyable sense of humor.