Monday, July 30, 2007

About the Free Fall of Webster Cummings

While discussing the book, a couple of people in our book club remembered reading about an event similar to Webster's free fall in a recent newspaper. Here is a link to the true story about the experience of Chris Fogg: Man Sucked out of Plane at 20,000 Feet.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

July Meeting Update

Hi Book Club friends,

We had a fun evening at our July book club. Just for a change we went to Diane's home, shared yummy treats we all contributed (NO Fast Food Nation items here), and talked about good books while sitting outside. Ahhhhh, summer books and summer outside discussions.

Pat led us through a wonderful discussion of THE FREE FALL OF WEBSTER CUMMINGS, Tom Bodett. She constructed her own thought provoking questions as there were none published! This is the first book that ALL members liked! We also talked about what other things we had read this month, suggestions others had given to us, and possible titles from the Washington County Library book sets.

Tuesday, August 28 is our next book club meeting. We will meet at the Park Grove Library at 7 p.m. where Jo Ann will lead the discussion of A WALK IN THE WOODS, Bill Bryson.

Tuesday, September 25 we will discuss OF MICE AND MEN, John Steinbeck. This is a library book kit. The books will be passed out at the August meeting.

We need ideas for October, November and December. We are still looking for a Christmas book to read. Any suggestions for the fall books can be posted in our new blog.


Monday, July 23, 2007


Hello book club friends!

Summer is a great time for reading, and such a great time for vacations too. Not all of us have been able to get together every month.

So, we welcome you to learn to use this space - our book club space - online, to keep up with our meeting news, add your comments on our current monthly pick if you can't make it to a meeting, and post suggestions for books to read in the future.

If you have some ideas, we'd all like to hear from you, so keep in touch.

Ideas - Books to Read - Ideas

At this time we have a book selection for July and a book selection for August, and then . . . . a big blank.

Post your ideas here and we can have some discussion. We've had a request for a Christmas-themed story for reading closer to the holidays and talked about reviewing an old classic, so if you know of any specific titles, let us know.