Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Autumn Advances

We expanded our meeting table once more as we welcomed one visitor and one new club member (aptly named Susan), for the discussion of: Stalking Susan, by Julie Kramer.

All of us liked the book! Cora thought we must have set a record on agreement.

We liked the story itself, the author's style of writing, the main character, and all of the references to the Minneapolis area. A few people in the group commented on the fact it was a likeable mystery. What most of us found appealing was that it managed to be a mystery about murders that didn't include graphic violence, foul language, or descriptive lovemaking.

It was fun to compare our different perceptions about the supporting characters - the newsman ranging from a stern authoritarian to a bumbling egotist, and Riley's boss more than one of us have experienced working with, a harsh business woman somewhat akin to The Devil Wears Prada.

At least one of our members is in ownership of Ms. Kramer's follow-up book, Missing Mark, with other members signing onto the libraries waiting list for the book. More about the author can be found on her web site: