Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Taliesin News

Because of the popularity of Loving Frank: A Novel, (our book selection for last February), Taliesin has initiated a new tour of the grounds specifically related to the details of the book.

Called the Loving Frank Tour, it is to be held on the second and fourth Fridays of each month from May through October. It will include readings from the book and a stop at a nearby cemetery to see Mamah Borthwick's grave.

Learn more from the Taliesin web site at:

According to a news blurb in the Pioneer Press, (April 26, 2010), visits to the home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright had record attendance last season to the tune of about 28,500 people. The surge in interest has been credited to the novel by Nancy Horan.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Important Update

A couple of changes have been made to our meeting schedule due to members planning summer vacations. The books for the months of June and July will be flipped, so that the revised summer schedule will be:
  • May 25 - Year of Wonders, Geraldine Brooks,
  • June 22 - Suite Francaise, Irene Nemirovsky
  • July 27 - Still Alice, Lisa Genova, and
  • August 24 - Nickel and Dimed, Barbara Ehrenreich
Also, our current plans for the July meeting will be to assemble outside of the library. Look for us that month enjoying the summer evening air.