Monday, March 19, 2012

Two Local Plays Snare Library Book Lovers

Two local plays share with us, it's viewer, the love that we have of books and also, the love of libraries.  Babel at the Nimbus Theatre in NE Mpls (on Central) has an interesting play about architecture, knowledge and libraries!  It is a quaint, small theatre that even offers old wooden theatre seats.  This play ends March 25, 2012.  Tickets -- $10.  If you go, please post your thoughts on this production.  Underneath the Lintel is the other play that caught my eye at The Cabaret at Camp Bar in downtown St. Paul.  A reclusive librarian finds a book 123 years overdue and tells of his worldwide quest to track down the borrower.  This play is $14-$19. Thurs, March 29 - Sunday April 1 are performance dates.   If you order through Groupon March 19-21 (if still available) tickets are 2 tickets for $19.  For those of us that love reading "the word", it is fun to see "the word acted out."  Please share your thoughts.  If you chose to post Anonymously, would you please post your name.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ava's Man -- Tuesday, March 27

We will be discussing Ava's Man, Tuesday, March 27 at the Park Grove Library from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m.  Please join us!  April, 24 we will be selecting new books for the coming year.Washington County Library Web Site

A Soft Place to Land by Susan Rebecca White

A Soft Place to Land by Susan Rebecca White was a novel we liked. Part of our discussion was about the differences that step-sisters, Ruthie & Julia, had after their parents, Naomi & Phil (Phil was Julia's step-father) died in a plane crash.  We felt that Ruthie took the best out of San Francisco and her time with her aunt, and Julia took the worst of the time with her dad & step mother in a small Virginia town.  Although Julia had a very hard life and treatment, we felt this helped develop her as a writer.  It brought us to our own discussion of having a will for our children (5 had legal wills -- 3 did not), and where our children would go.

We also enjoyed discussing how creative the girls were, and making up their own games when they were younger.  We felt this helped Julia in her creative writing.  This brought us back to our childhood and what fun games we played and how things are different now.  Many of us freely ran around the neighborhood playing many different games with our siblings, friends and neighbors. 

We talked about their life growing up and how differently it was.  When Julia wrote her story, she talked about her sister's abortion, which caused much havoc when Ruthie found out.  Did she cross the line by bringing this into her story?  We agreed Julia wanted to share how different their caregivers helped them through issues.  Ruthie had a loving aunt to help her through her abortion, but Julia's dad had her in this terrible treatment facility, very different results.  We felt, though, that Julia had crossed the line, she didn't stop to think about her sister.

One comment made was about Ruthie using alcohol for her problems.  Each daughter survived and with the plane crash at the end confirmed their connection, yet.  We ran out of time discussing!